Fine art wedding photo. Capturing unique moments from your special day. A combination of reporting and portrait photography. The price list of individual packages, according to the length of the photo shoot, I will send you on request by e-mail.

from 500 €
Vienna wedding photographer


Engagement, dating, anniversary photo shoots.

200 €


I will capture your common moments in the comfort of your home or in your favorite place. 1-2 h photo shoot from which you will have a lot of beautiful shots for joy and memories.

200 €


Will you shoot us for a movie?

Naturally! I would prefer to take pictures of it all, but it depends on the client if and to what extent he chooses to take a photo for the film. Most often they are wedding portraits, with the rest of the wedding being photographed in digital form followed by an adaptation simulating film colors and grain.

How many photos do we get?

The number of photos is determined for each package, see price list.

After what time can we look forward to photos?

For family and date photos, I deliver photos through an online gallery in two weeks. Wedding photos up to 1 month.

How to choose clothes for a photo shoot?

Always try to match your clothes in colour. Avoid bold patterns and inscriptions. Inspiration for different combinations can be found on my Pinterest page: family  date