Janca Korcek

Hello, my name is Jana, and I am delighted to introduce myself as a dedicated wedding and portrait photographer. With a genuine passion for my craft, I find immense joy in immortalizing special moments for my clients. One aspect that sets me apart is my preference for shooting on classic film. The allure of film lies in its timeless appeal and the distinctive results it yields.

I specialize in capturing images in natural light and environments. The interplay of soft, natural light enhances the subjects’ beauty and adds an authentic touch to the photographs. Whether it’s a sunlit garden or a golden hour on the beach, the magic of light and nature brings an enchanting quality to every image.



Beyond lighting and locations, I firmly believe that it’s the details that make each story special and unforgettable. Whether it’s the intricate lace on a wedding gown, the delicate smile on a child’s face, or the subtle interplay of emotions shared between loved ones, it’s these subtle nuances that I strive to capture. These details are the threads that weave together a narrative, creating a tapestry of memories that will be cherished for years to come.

As a photographer, I consider it my privilege to be entrusted with documenting the most important moments in people’s lives. It is my aim to not only provide stunning photographs but also to create an experience that is enjoyable and relaxed. By blending my technical expertise, artistic vision, and genuine passion, I seek to create a collection of images that not only reflect the beauty of the subjects but also encapsulate the essence of their unique stories.


destination wedding photographer


I am honored to have my photos featured on prestigious wedding blogs.


By delving into film photography, I discovered a gateway to digital photography as well. The allure of shooting with classic film never fails to captivate me. I am utterly fascinated by its ability to capture light, shadows, and the delicate grain it produces. Working with film has taught me to approach each shot with intention, immersing myself fully in the photographic process. There’s a certain magic in the anticipation, the suspense, and the subsequent delight when I finally lay my eyes upon the developed images.


"It's not what you look at, but what you see that matters. "

Henry David Thoreau